Coalition Corner

Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition Meeting

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hoag Library

134 South Main St. Albion

Registration at 8:00am Light Refreshments

Meeting to follow at 8:30am

We will be sharing lots of data!

If you're interested in coming or need more information, please call Pat Crowley

at 585-331-8732 or e-mail:

Visit our website:

or like us on Facebook:

Orleans United DFC Coalition


Drinking and Driving- A Threat To Everyone.

Everyday, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 51 minutes. 

Driving drunk is never OK!

Choose not to drink and drive and help others do the same.

Take a few minutes to make sure you and others avoid impaired driving:

  • Designate a non-drinking driver before any party or celebration begins and remind others to do the same.
  • Don't drink and drive. Get a ride home or call a taxi or Uber.
  • Never ride in a car with a driver you suspect is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • If you're hosting a party where alcohol will be served, remind your guests to plan ahead and designate their sober driver; offer alcohol-free beverages, and make sure all guests leave with a sober driver.
  • Buckle up every time. It's your best defense against a drunk driver.

Orleans United DFC Coalition wishes all of you a safe & happy holiday season!


October is Medicine Abuse Awareness Month


-Everyday, over 2000 youth get high for the first time on a prescription drug. (DEA)

-Drug overdoses have now surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. (CDC)

National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month promotes the message that over-the-counter and prescription medicines are to be taken only as labeled or prescribed, and that using such medicines to get high or in large doses can cause serious or life-threatening consequences. Turn in your unused, expired, pet, sharps, or over the counter medication for safe disposal at any Orleans County drop-off location listed below:

Drug Take Back Day! 

Sat. October 28th 10am-2pm

Holley Fire Department

Medina Fire Department

Albion Public Safety Building

Proper disposal of unused drugs saves lives and protects the environment. 

Win a locked medication bag at each location!


Thank you!
August 6, 2017

Thank you to the following sponsors for your generous donations to help make National Night Out such a success:

  • Fidelis Care
  • Waters Basement Services
  • Baxter
  • Takeform
  • Albion Fire Department
  • Assemblyman Steve Hawley
  • Lyndonville Lions
  • Orleans Veterans Club
  • Hinspergers Poly Industries
  • Christopher Mitchell Funeral Homes
  • The Print Shop-Medina
  • Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition
  • Albion Police Department
  • Medina Area Association of Churches
  • Village of Albion
  • Light of Victory Church
  • Oak Orchard Health
  • Albion Burger King
  • Orleans County Sheriff's Association

Neighbors and Communities Working Together!


Project Sticker Shock & Brown Bag Campaign

June 25, 2017

Project Sticker Shock

Community awareness campaign intended to address youth

access to alcohol and community norms that support not providing

alcohol to minors.  With the cooperation of local alcohol retailers and

25 youth, around 5,600 stickers were placed on multi-packs of alcohol

(beer and wine coolers). Orleans United DFC Coalition wants to thank

the following school districts and retailers for their continued participation:

Kendall, Medina, Holley and Lyndonville School Districts

TOPS- Medina and Albion

Crosby’s- Albion (2), Childs, Clarendon, Kendall, Holley and Medina

Rite Aid- Medina and Albion

Save-On Beverage Center

Kwik Fill

Champs Mini Mart

Twins Mini Mart

Murray Superette

EZ Shop

Brown Bag Campaign

Five liquor stores in Orleans County have teamed up with Orleans United and are distributing 2000 brown liquor bags with the same sticker and message as Project Sticker Shock Campaign. Orleans United DFC Coalition wants to thank the following liquor retailers for their participation:

Plaza Liquor Store- Albion

Main Street Liquor & Wine- Albion

Lakes Wine N Spirits- Medina

Main Liquor Store- Medina

Sixes & Sevens Spirits- Lyndonville

We are working to keep youth drug and alcohol free…are you?



June 18, 2017

Statistics show that Prom-Graduation season – the
months of May and June - is the most dangerous time
for teens. One-third of the alcohol-related traffic fatalities
involving teens each year occur during those months.

Prom and graduation season is here again - this is a time 
for celebration. Unfortunately, these happy occasions
sometimes involve underage drinking which can result
in tragedy. It is no secret that teens under 21 years old 
are drinking. It is therefore critical that parents keep the lines
of communication open when it comes to talking to their
teens about the dangers of underage drinking and drunk driving.
For tips on how- and when to talk to your kids about the dangers
of underage drinking, visit:

Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition reports:
83% of Orleans County youth choose
healthy activities instead of drinking, according to the 2015
Prevention Needs Assessment Survey.


Drug Take Back Day!

Saturday, April 29, 2017   


Do you have a drawer or cabinet of medicines?  Are any of them out of date? 

Now is the time to check because you can safely dispose of these medications. 

Prevent your children and grandchildren from abusing medication by securing

medications in places children cannot access.

Turn in your unused, expired, pet, sharps, or over-the-counter medication

for safe disposal at any Orleans County drop-off location listed below:

  • Holley Fire Department  
  • Lyndonville Fire Department
  • Medina Fire Department
  • Kendall Fire Department
  • Albion Public Safety Building

Enter a drawing to win a locked medication bag at each of the locations!

Proper disposal of unused drugs saves lives and protects the environment.


Underage Drinking- What Parents Can Do

If you choose to drink, model responsible drinking behavior.

Try to avoid sending any unintended messages and find ways

to celebrate and relax without alcohol.

Don’t make alcohol available to your child or their friends. 

This isn’t only a matter of safety, it’s the law.

Supervise parties in your home to make sure there is no

alcohol and make sure your teens know the rules ahead of time.

Learn more about social hosting laws and what they can mean for

your personal liability in the event of underage drinking in the home.

Is your child socializing at someone else’s home? Know where

he or she will be. Call the parents in advance to verify the occasion

and location and that there will be supervision. If the activity

seems inappropriate, express concern and keep your child home.

Communicate your expectations and rules for when your child

goes out with friends, and include regular check-ins.

Assure your child that he or she can call you to be picked up

whenever needed.

Parents Do Make a Difference


Creating Safe Holiday Celebrations

The winter holidays are a time to enjoy the company of friends, family,

and co-workers. Where does substance use fit into this picture?  Holiday

parties give more chances to use drugs and alcohol resulting in an increase

in drug and alcohol related tragedies.

The widespread availability of alcohol at holiday parties gives our youth

many opportunities to sneak alcohol or to convince a relative to let them

enjoy “just one” alcoholic drink.

 So you might ask, where is the harm in that?

·         The younger a child is when he starts to drink, the more likely

he or she will have alcohol-related problems later in life.

·         Alcohol use by teens affects still-developing brains and impairs

memory and learning.

·         Teens who drink are more likely to commit or be the victim of

violence and to experience stress, depression and suicidal thoughts.

By allowing underage drinking during the holidays, adults deprive teens of clear,

common sense and consistent guidelines they need to make good choices all

year long.  It is clear that parents who talk with their teens about underage drinking,

set expectations for behavior, and enforce consequences for violating the rules

are significantly less likely to have children who use alcohol.

Orleans United encourages more dialogue around underage drinking- especially

before and during the holiday season.  The conversation should not be whether

the behavior is right or wrong but rather the health effects to the developing brain

and bodies of our youth. 

                          Our messages should be consistent and clear:

                 underage drinking is unhealthy, unsafe and unacceptable


Visit our website at .

All of us at Orleans United Drug Free Communities wish you a safe and joyful holiday season.


Drug Take Back Day

Saturday, October 22nd  


Turn in your unused, expired, pet, sharps, or over- the- counter medication, for safe disposal at the following locations:

• Orleans County Public Safety Building- 13925 Route 31, Albion

• Holley Fire Department- 7 Thomas St., Holley

• Kendall Fire Department- 1879 Kendall Road, Kendall

• Lyndonville Fire Department- 148 N. Main St., Lyndonville

• Medina Fire Department- 600 Main St., Medina

Enter a drawing to win a locked medication bag at each of the locations!

For any additional questions or information, call Jail Superintendent,

Scott Wilson at (585) 589-4310.


Social Media is Everywhere!

As a parent, it is important to understand what social media

 platforms your child is using, and how to talk to them about

 the safe ways to participate in this new form of communication.

Read the “help center” information for social media sites.

This will help you understand the age recommendation,

 privacy policy, and the audience of the site.

Explain the “forever” implications of posts and photos.

Colleges and employers check social media profiles!

Pictures and comments, even if deleted, can always be accessed.

Talk to your teen about the dangers of posting personal information.

Giving out information such as full name, addresses, phone numbers,

age, and immediate location, leaves your child open to risk.


When you decide which sites and apps you feel are appropriate

for your child, remind them to always use them in a

Safe and responsible manner!

For more information visit:


GCASA to host a Community Meeting on the Opioid Epidemic.

The opioid epidemic has hit Orleans County with several recent deaths

from heroin overdoses. Genesee Council on Alcoholism and Substance

Abuse will host a community meeting to address this issue on:

Wednesday,  July 13th from 7:00-9:00pm

GCASA’s Albion Clinic, 249 East Ave. Albion

This meeting will educate those attending on this issue as well

as give insight for parents and friends of people struggling with

addiction.  The session will also include treatment options for people

who suffer from opioid addiction.   A Narcan training will also be

provided and each participant will receive a kit to use in case of an

opioid overdose.

For more information regarding this meeting please call

Kathy Hodgins at 331-8737.


National Night Out

Celebrating and promoting neighborhood safety and community involvement. 

Tuesday August 2nd   5:30-8:30pm

Bullard Park- Albion, NY

Car Seat Inspections, Inflatable Obstacle Course, Canine Demonstrations, Face Painting, Armored Truck & Tactical Robot, Fire Trucks and more!


·         Over 20 Agency/Organization Information Tables

·         Mercy Flight Aircraft Tours: 6pm

·         Bike Rodeo- K-4th grade: 6:30pm (bring your own bike and helmet)

·         Battle of the Belts Competition: 7:00pm (prizes for winning teams)

·         Free Hot Dog or Hamburger- courtesy of Fidelis Care! 

·         Bike helmet and school supply backpack giveaway! While supplies last! 

For more information about this event or how to register your team for Battle of the Belts Competition contact Sarah May at 331-8740 or visit



Graduation Season

Graduation should be a time of joy for high school seniors and the people who love them. But every year, this season can also be a time of sadness for too many families. That’s because along with these important milestones come many opportunities for underage drinking.  High school students contend with a culture that too often encourages, rather than discourages, underage drinking.

Did you know:  73% of 7th-12th graders in Orleans County have easy access to alcohol.

With the cooperation of businesses selling pizza in Orleans County- 37, 275 stickers will be placed on pizza boxes the next couple of weeks during the graduation season. 

Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition wants to thank the following businesses for their participation:

·         Crosby’s- Albion, Childs, Clarendon, Kendall, Holley, and Medina

·         Avanti’s- Medina and Albion

·         Mark’s-  Medina and Albion

·         Doug’s- Medina

·         Uncle Sal’s- Albion

·         Bill’s Sub Shop- Lyndonville

·         Dustin’s- Holley

For more information, help or to get involved in Orleans County Drug Free Communities Coalition, please visit


Prom is Approaching!

Prom is an important milestone in a young person’s life that is often marked with parties, outings, and other celebrations. During this time, teens may feel more pressure to use alcohol. Talk and establish consequences that are appropriate for your family if your teenager is caught using drugs or alcohol. Studies show that teenagers who engage in conversation with parents and significant adult role models are more resilient and better able to resist risky or unsafe behaviors.

Parental influence is one of the most powerful protective factors in preventing youth substance use.

Parents need to understand that communication, choices and consequences are all effective strategies for building strong relationships with their teens.

Be Safe! Be Responsible!

Make this prom season safe and enjoyable for your teenager by talking to them about the dangers of alcohol and drug use.  

For more information visit:  or


Project Sticker Shock

Project Sticker Shock is a community awareness campaign intended to address youth access to alcohol and community norms that support not providing alcohol to minors. With the cooperation of alcohol retailers in Orleans along with 23 youth, 10,000 stickers have been placed on multi-packs of alcohol (beer and wine coolers).  Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition wants to thank the following for their continued participation:

·         Kendall, Medina, and Lyndonville School Districts

·         The Just Friends Program of Orleans County

·         Orleans County 4-H

·         Community Action Transportation System and Medina CSD Transportation Dept.

·         TOPS Markets- Medina and Albion

·         Crosby’s- Albion, Childs, Clarendon, Kendall, Holley, and Medina

·         Rite Aid-Medina and Albion

·         Albion Save-On Beverage Center

·         Holley Save-A-Lot

·         Kwik Fill

·         Champs Mini-Mart

·         Yellow Goose

·         Twins Mini Mart

·         Murray Superette

·         EZ Shop

If you are interested in helping with this campaign please call Sarah May at 331-8740 for more information.

Thank you for keeping our youth drug and alcohol free!


Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinets

More and more teens and young adults are abusing the drugs found right in their own homes. Using prescription drugs prescribed to others or without doctor orders is illegal, unsafe and can be lethal.  Take inventory of medicines in your home, even for those prescribed to your children.

Lock up prescriptions pills that are kept in your house and turn in your unused, expired, pet, sharps, or over-the counter medication for safe disposal.

Drug Take Back Day – Saturday, April 30th from 10:00am-2:00pm at

Holley Fire Department- 7 Thomas Street, Holley

Medina Fire Department- 600 Main Street, Medina

400 Public Safety Building- 13925 State Route 31, Albion


Giving away a locked medication box at each site!

Talk to your kids about the dangers associated with prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse.

For more information visit:


One Text or Call Could Wreck it All

Ten percent of all drivers 15 to 19 years old involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crashes. The National Safety Council (NSC) observes April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month to draw attention to this epidemic.

As parents, you are the number one influence on what kind of driver your teen will become. Help them develop a lifetime of good driving habits.

Driving is a serious responsibility. It is important to educate your teen on what it means to be a safe driver. Set ground rules for when your teen is behind the wheel including staying off their cell phone. According to the NSC, approximately 1 in 4 crashes involves a cell phone. As a parent it is your job to set a positive example for your teen when you’re driving. Putting your cell phone in the glove compartment every time you drive ensures that you are not distracted. Remind them that there could be serious consequences with the law if they are found to be using their cell phone while they drive.

Visit for more information and resources to help your teen become a safe driver.



Problem Gambling Month

Problem gambling is any gambling behavior that has a negative effect on someone’s life or the lives of people close to them. While gambling can be an entertaining pastime for some, for others it can quickly become a habit and a problem. Generally youth view gambling as harmless, however, gambling can cause a number of negative consequences such as: poor grades, broken relationships with family, loss of trust, and an increased risk of developing problem gambling and other addictions.

Adolescents are the highest risk for developing a gambling problem. They are exposed to mixed messages through media regarding what is good and bad for them. In order to decrease adolescent gambling, we need to help them understand the realities and negative consequences of gambling, as well as decrease their exposure to gambling and gambling advertising at community events, church and school.

So parents the next time you see or hear an advertisement for gambling or are in a store that sells lottery tickets, take time to share your expectations about gambling with your children. Talk early and often about the risks of gambling.

There is hope and help.

If you or someone you care about needs help for Drugs, Alcohol, or Gambling

Call: 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369) or Text:  HOPENY (467369)


Right Under Our Noses

Inhalant abuse is the deliberate inhaling or sniffing of substances to become intoxicated. The chronic use of inhalants has been associated with a number of serious health problems and sometimes death.  Easy accessibility, low cost, and concealment make inhalants one of the first substances abused by children.

This method of becoming high is also referred to as “huffing”. Huffing involves either breathing directly from an aerosol can or through a cloth soaked in solvent, which increases the risk of brain damage and death.  Youth will use glues, lighter fluid, whipped cream cans, paint products and other common household items.

The chemicals found in these items can damage many parts of the body, including the nervous system, lungs, liver, kidneys, and even the brain. The chemicals take the place of oxygen in the blood and may cause asphyxiation, as well as destroy brain cells.

Parents have an important responsibility in discussing with their children the risks of inhaling chemicals.  It is crucial for parents to know what the products are, how they might be harmful, and recognizing the signs and symptoms of their use as inhalants to help prevent abuse.

Talking to your child is the best way to ensure that they are not trying it!

Talk Early! Talk Often!


For more information about inhalant abuse and what you can do to prevent it, visit


We are working to keep our kids drug and alcohol free…Are you?


Protect Our Youth from Medication Abuse

Every day in the U.S. an average of 2,000 teens will use prescription drugs for the first time without a doctor’s guidance. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, although sold without a prescription, are dangerous and addictive…and unfortunately easily accessible.

The internet may be a good source of information about the risks of drugs, but it also serves as a place for your teen to learn how to use OTC drugs for recreational purposes. There are websites that explain what kind of medication to buy and how much it takes to get high. Teens sometimes think that getting high on prescription and OTC drugs is safer than illicit drugs, but the reality is that they can be just as dangerous and addictive.

To ensure that your child is not abusing medicine, take inventory of the medicines in your home, even the ones that are prescribed to your children. Make sure that your child does not have access to medication by locking them up or disposing of them. The next Drug Take Back Day is set for April 30th. For more information visit:

Remember to talk to your children about the dangers of drug abuse!

Working to keep our kids drug and alcohol free…Are you?


Trying to Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is not easy. Taking the first step in quitting is making the

conscious decision that you want to!  The urge for tobacco will come and go.

When you start to have a craving, keep in mind these 5 ideas.


Remember these “5 D’s”

DISTRACT yourself. When you start to have that desire for a cigarette,

distract yourself with something else. Call a friend, go for a walk, or read

a book. The urge will pass.

DRINK water. Rather than waking up and grabbing a cigarette, get in the

habit of drinking a glass of water. Water is a healthy start to your day, will give

you more energy, and has zero calories.

DELAY. Set small milestones. Tell yourself that you won’t smoke for the next

five minutes. Get through those minutes, and set another small goal.

DEEP breath. Taking slow, deep breathes is a good relaxation tool!  Instead of

smoking when you’re upset or stressed out, try some breathing exercises.

DISCUSS. Having a support system that you can lean on is important when quitting

smoking. Share your feelings, thoughts, struggles, and successes with people that

you trust.


When you embark on this journey, there may be some obstacles that you face…

Don’t give up though!!


Remember you can call the Quitline toll- free for help

1-866-NY-QUITS (1-866-697-8487)


Start the New Year's Off on a Healthy Foot!

As you jump into 2016 and reflect on the past year, think about some healthy, positive changes you and your family can make! When making a resolution, focus on creating a change that is relatively easy to maintain, but also increases your health and happiness.

Some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions include: exercising more, making more time for friends and family, quitting smoking, reducing stress, and cutting back on alcohol consumption.  

Sticking to your resolution isn’t always easy, but starting small will help you meet your goal. Unhealthy behaviors are developed over a prolong period, so focus on changing one at a time. Creating a support system that helps to motivate you will help you successfully create change. Take small steps and don’t give up if you make a mistake…remember, no one is perfect.

Instead of trying to change or improve on things, spend more time reflecting on all the good things going on in your life.

Check out our Orleans United DFC Facebook page this week and let us know what your resolutions are.

Stay Safe and Healthy in 2016!


National Drug Facts Week- January 25th-January 31st

This week is a National Institute on Drug Abuse ( initiative designed to shatter the myths teens have about drugs and alcohol abuse. Teens who are given drug facts from people they trust are in a better position to make good decisions about drug use and develop healthy habits they will keep for the rest of their lives. Throughout the week, Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition will be posting information and drug facts on and on Facebook.

According to the most recent Prevention Needs Assessment Survey (PNA) in 2015, 11% of 9th graders in Orleans County reported using alcohol in the past month, which is down from a reported 19% in 2013. Efforts made by Orleans United Drug Free Communities Coalition and the use of environmental strategies to limit the availability of alcohol in Orleans County as well as the collaborative effort among law enforcement agencies, contributes to progress made in reducing alcohol use among our youth.

To hear more PNA data come to the next Orleans United DFC Coalition meeting on February 23rd at 8:30 am at GCASA in Albion.

For more information contact Pat Crowley at 585-331-8732 or Sarah May at 585-331-8740.




A Safe Holiday Season

The yuletide season is a time devoted for celebrating with family and friends. We attend parties, church functions and informal gatherings. As we get wrapped up in the season of festive eating and drinking, we forget that there is a limit to what we can take in. We should be aware of our limits by knowing when we exceed them. Most of us do not intend to be on the roads intoxicated. So while the holidays can be an exciting time, there are some important things to consider to keep you and your guests safe this season.

If you have underage youth at your house, make sure they do not have access to alcoholic beverages. Widespread availability of alcohol at holiday parties gives our youth many opportunities to sneak alcohol when no one is looking, or convince a relative to let them enjoy “just one” drink. Offer other alternatives and model responsible behavior by making sure guests do not drink and drive.  

Avoid making alcohol the main focus of social events. Entertain guests with music, dancing, games, food, and lively conversation. Make sure to offer plenty of nonalcoholic choices such as sparkling water, fancy juice drinks, and soft drinks. If you are hosting a party where alcohol will be served you need to be aware that you can be sued if someone leaves your place and is involved in an alcohol related collision. To protect yourself, you need to ensure that all of your guests have a designated driver to drive them home or that they call a cab. There are a lot of options; just make sure you choose the ones that are safest for your guests and protect you as a homeowner.

Keep your holidays safe and festive.

Don’t allow a poor choice to ruin the holidays for you.


Let's Get Talking!

Did you know that almost 52% of New York State students in grades 7-12 reported that their parents have never talked to them about the dangers of underage drinking? With alcohol being ranked in the top most widely used and abused drug in the United States, it is critical that parents get the conversation started with their kids.

 The way you talk to your children becomes their inner voice! Talk about how to deal with peer pressure and give them alternatives to drinking, such as joining a sports team or a community group. Positive participation in activities, helps youth to bond in their community and in turn, lowers their risk of substance abuse.

Talking and communicating with your kids can be one of the best protective factors you provide them when ensuring they do not participate in underage drinking!

To learn more about getting the conversation started, go to:

We’re working to keep or kids drug and alcohol free…Are you?


Project Sticker Shock!

Have you noticed those bright orange stickers on the alcohol in your local grocery or convenient store? Well you just witnessed Project Sticker Shock!

Project Sticker Shock is a community awareness campaign intended to address youth access to alcohol and community norms that support not providing alcohol to minors. With the cooperation of alcohol retailers in Orleans County, along with 21 youth, over 9,000 stickers have been placed on multi-packs of alcohol (beer and wine coolers).   Orleans United DFC Coalition wants to thank the following for their continued participation:                                                                                                               

·         Kendall, Medina, and Lyndonville School Districts

·         Community Action Transportation System                                                                               

·         TOPS Markets Medina, and Albion                                                   

·         Crosby’s- Albion, Childs, Clarendon, Kendall, Holley, and Medina                                                                         

·         Rite Aid- Medina and Albion                                                              

·         Albion Save-On Beverage Center                                              

·         Holley Save-A-Lot                                                                         

·         Kwik Fill                                                                                                

·         Champs Mini Mart                                                                               

·         Yellow Goose                                                                                         

·         Twins Mini Mart                                                                                    

·         Murray Superette                                                                                  

·         EZ Shop

Keep your eye out next time you head to the store and remember…

Thank you for keeping our youth drug and alcohol free!


 read more ...


Every day it seems that we hear about kids using a new drug, such as K2, Bath Salts, Flakka, just to name a few. Although the drugs change over time, alcohol is still the most widely used substance among teens in America, followed by tobacco and marijuana. While news on drug trends may be discouraging to you, take heart. Two-thirds of kids say that losing their parents’ respect and pride is one of the main reasons they don’t smoke marijuana or use other drugs.

Your words and actions DO matter. Kids who learn the risks of drugs from their parents are SIGNIFICANTLY less likely to use drugs, yet 20 percent of kids say their parents aren’t talking. Remember, silence isn’t golden, it’s permission - have a talk with your kids today and send this message: Underage drinking and drug use is unhealthy, unsafe, and unacceptable!

For information on how to and when to start the conversation, visit:


Drug Take Back Day! Sat., Sept. 26 • 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Prescription medications play an important role in the health of millions of Americans. However, expired medications or unused drugs often stay in the back of cabinets for months or even years. These expired drugs can pose significant health hazards to toddlers, teens and even family pets who may inadvertently consume medications.

Do you know…

Over 50 percent of people 12 and older who abuse prescription drugs get them from family or friends and the home medicine cabinet. Prevent your children and grandchildren from abusing your own medication by securing your meds in places they cannot access.

Turn in your unused, expired, pet, sharps or over-the-counter medication for safe disposal and enter to win a free, medication locked bag at each of drop-offs listed below:

  • Holley Fire Department: 7 Thomas St., Holley, NY 14470
  • Medina Fire Department: 600 Main St., Medina, NY 14103
  • Public Safety Building: 13925 State Route 31,
  • Albion, NY 14411

Proper disposal of unused drugs saves lives and protects the environment.