Useful Information and Tips for Parents

-GCASA- Genesee Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse-

-Orleans County Aware App-

  • 211- Need help? Get answers. Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming Counties call 1-888-696-9211
  • NYS Multiple Systems Navigator- Access helpful health, education and human service information on one user-friendly website. Built for youth, parents, family members and caregivers that rely on supports from multiple child and family serving systems.
  • Stop Medicine Abuse-  Approximately one in thirty teens report abusing excessive amounts of dextromethorphan (dxm,) an ingredient found in cough medicines, to get high. Learn what signs to look for if you think your child is abusing medicine. 
  • Talk About Marijuana- Where do you start? What do you say? This resource provides information and tips on marijuana use and starting the conversation with your kids.  
  • Talk to Prevent- When you talk to your children, your voice becomes their inner voice. Get some ideas on how to start the conversation using this website.
  • Talk. They Hear You- The "Talk. They Hear You" website features a science-based, interactive mobile application tool that allows parents to use avatars to practice conversations with their children about alcohol. This free, interactive role-playing tool gives parents and caregivers of children ages 9-15 the chance to practice "virtually" talking with a child about underage drinking.  
  • A Silent Epidemic, Mental Health-  This is a great tool for parents and teachers. It brings awareness to the importance of recognizing mental health issues in our youth.